Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review and Outlining the Road to Continued Success

Its that time of the year where we reflect on the past year and prepare for the next.  I have to say that 2011 was good to me.  Other than maybe eating too many Christmas cookies I have no regrets!
  • To start with I lost over 33 pounds (it would have been more but Christmas cookies are my weakness).  I have lost over 15% of fat in 2011 alone, and over 32% since I started.
  • I am down over 2 sizes this year, depending on the brand 3 sizes
December 2010
December 2011
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  • I participated in running events (something I had never done before).  On News years Day 2011 I ran 2 miles and it took me 30 minutes, by the boilermaker 5K I ran it in 30:17!  In August I did my first 10K in 68minutes but improved on that time by the October run in Oneonta finishing in 62 minutes.
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  • I improved my confidence in myself, enough to go on a real vacation that requires wearing lot less then jeans and sweatshirts.  Three Night cruise in the Bahamas, bathing suit on the beach, sleeveless dress – prior years this would have been my worse nightmare
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  • I did big girl push ups just last week.  This is huge.  My push ups were so sad when I started. Honestly I don’t think you could even call them push ups.  Here my MVBW profile.
It really shows the difference in not only my appearance but my abilities.  I am now swinging the big green KB, and going overhead with way heavier then what is in that video.
Someone I went to college with told that “Dreams are for sleeping” and 10 years later that has stuck with me.  I am not dreaming about 2012, I am outlining what I plan to achieve. 
  • Hit the 100 pounds lost mark
  • Hit my target weigh that I have been aiming for
  • Be a size 6 (a lot different then a size 22)
  • Run the boilermaker 15K and maybe a half marathon
  • Master Big girl pushups!
  • Work my ass off
  • Overcome my fear of heights at Adirondack Extreme
  • Climb Mt. Marcy
  • Be in control of food (in other words not let Christmas cookies have more power then me)
  • Start 2013 off without talking about losing weight. 
So are you ready for 2012?  I hope you all feel that 2011 was a great year, and that 2012 will be better. But just because the year becomes 2012 doesn’t mean your items to achieve will happen.  You have to go out there and work for them, so take advantages of the sales and buy some new sneakers.  Its lacing up to be a great year.  The year of achievement!