Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fat Brain

I have learned you can not lose weight where you want.  Your body burns it from where your body decides too. If I have had my way my arms would be about 6 inches smaller!   We are all like that, we have that one place we would change if we could: Arms, Hips, Butt, muffin top, you name the body part. 

I realized this week that I really need to lose weight in the one place nobody says.  I have fat in my brain.  Yes, you read that right I have Fat brain.  I know you are wondering what the hell I am talking about. 

No matter how confident I feel, there is still fat in my brain that makes me think I am still this person:297462_252911001398278_252579404764771_853886_5982010_n[1]

Here is an example of Fat brain or Fat girl syndrome, during a workout I was grouped with 3 others. They are great bunch of gals, work hard, fit and super nice.  I stood there thinking “great, I am the biggest one in the group and they are going to need to wait for me to finish every exercise”.  That lack of confidence messed me up for the first round of the workout.  

What was my problem? I know I can do that workout.  And they didn’t care if I was last, everyone was just focused on their workout and putting forth 110%.  That thinking was going to hold me back, if I got frustrated I would not focus on working.  I would have bad form, risk an injury and not get everything out of the workout.  I was just hurting myself thinking that.

Nobody else was worried about me being the biggest girl in the group, I don’t even think it crossed their mind.  But after playing that part in the world (the big girl) for almost 30 years its hard to reshape your mind.  Seriously a burpee ladder is easier then mind reshaping.

We as women are programed to be so complicated.  The media makes us think we need to be a size Negative 2.  I know that I will not and do not want to look like Pam Anderson.  I would however like to see some additional changes in my body ( there is that fat brain again),  See I just can not accept what I have already achieved.  I have a pair of jeans that several people have complemented me on.  No matter what, every time I wear them I am worried what people will say.  My fat brain thinks there is someone behind my back saying “who does she think she is wearing those jeans?”  But I am wearing them today to the game.

I don’t know how to fix fat brain other then to start being nicer to our fellow females.  We need to stop being bitchy and catty – yes I know I am one to talk.  I have trashed women before (hell just last week).  Besides there is one thing all women have in common – its that we are so superior to men!

We shouldn’t let brain fat get in our way. Anyone that is making an effort to achieve something, like weight loss, should be proud.  They are doing something, they are taking action. 

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