Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comfort food

Its sad but summer is almost over.  The weather is starting to feel like my favorite time of year, Fall!  I love fall, the colors, the weather, the food!  In a perfect fantasy  world I would be sitting by 8th lake with a cup of coffee and maple donut in size 6 jeans without worrying about my ass growing!  That’s just not reality.  I have to think about everything that I put in my mouth (get your mind out of the gutter..pigs).

This weekend my family and I will be going north to the high peaks region.   The weather forecast for up there is so fall like…Cold nights/morning and warm during the day.  Camping and fall weather – yeah I already want the homemade mac n cheese!  I hit the 530am bootcamp to sneak in another workout before leaving.  530 is mad early so afterward I went to DD to get some java – they have all the pumpkin stuff out already.  Grrr.  I really wanted that pumpkin muffin and I probably burn that many calories at BC,  But I walked away. 

So does this mean I will never ever eat Homemade mac n cheese again or pumpkin muffins, nope.  I have made both before that were low calorie and low is an amazing thing! tons of websites full of healthy food ideas.  If you know my husband you know that he doesn’t need to lose a pound so he doesn’t want to eat the healthy stuff…seriously I have watched this man eat a pound of bacon – turkey bacon is not an option to him.  Because of this some days I have to eat “regular food” but it doesn’t derail me.  Its all in planning.  If I know that I have a potential high calorie dinner I make really good choices earlier in the day.  This works for parties too. 

When we go camping I set rules for myself (because I could really just sit all day by the campfire and eat my weight in peanuts).

My camping/vacation rules:

  • Eat as I would if I was at work. I will decide what to eat before filling my plate and stick with it NO SECONDS
  • Drink lots of water
  • Go for walks and bike rides whenever possible
  • Allow myself one treat each night while at the campfire.
  • Eat no white carbs
  • I will not eat any salted peanuts and / or pistachios (unless they are my “treat” for the night)

I try not to reward myself with food, like yeah I lost 5 pounds lets get ice cream.  yeah I did good this weekend I earned a muffin.  I am bound to slip up I am bound to have a stressful day and maybe buy a muffin or candy bar.  It happens, we are human and we have triggers.  I just move forward and try to make better choices and stick with my plan. 

For me this weekend I PLAN to be lakeside with my coffee and whole wheat toast in size 10 jeans..and I am okay with that!  I plan to hike a mountain and/or run around the lake.  I plan to go kayaking and eat smores.  I plan to do my best.

hear how quite it was

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