Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Which wagon are you on?

Some times when we camp at private campgrounds they have hayrides!  You check in and they give you the schedule of events and you see that the hayrides are at 430.  You think oh that’s easy to remember.  The next thing you know you hear a tractor and music and its 4:35.  There goes the first wagon ride.  You grab the kids and go searching for that darn wagon.
I have been looking for the wagon this past week.   Eating badly – only 2 workouts and a hike. 
Yesterday I got back on the wagon – detoxed myself of PB (yes it’s in the garbage…) and carbs.  I ate pretty well –within my calories, but I was bad on water – I really didn’t drink any L (bad me).  I also got in 3 walks and a 4 mile run.

I have been in a funk this last week.  I was bored and annoyed that I had to lose weight. I was bored of trying, it has been 15 months of constantly watching what I eat, what I do, and then measure my success (to some degree) based on a medal object on my basement floor.  I was annoyed that I had allowed myself to go so far down the unhealthy path.  Had I not gained anymore weight after college I would be at my target weight right now.  But nope I have to keep going. Welcome to my funk mindset.

I really had to sit back and think about it.  Which statement did I want to be?

·         I work out because I have been eating so badly
·         I eat healthy because I work out.

I would love to be at my target weight and to be maintaining (all though I am sure that will be a lot of work too).  But I am not happy with where I am at so the journey continues.  There is no point to me kicking my butt at boot camp doing burpees and mountain climbers only to eat crap.  I need my eating and workouts to be on the same wagon ride.  They need to go hand in hand. 

Burpees suck, but it’s a great feeling when I am done with them.  I remember at Christmas Steve said 5 minutes of burpees burns one Christmas cookie so that’s like 150-180 calories.  Is a frosted sugar cookie with sprinkles really worth 5 minutes of burpees?

Some days the wagon ride is smooth, other days it’s bumpy as hell and I feel like I am always chasing it down.  But what matters is that I get back on.  When I fall off I will not go back to the starting line and start over.  I pick myself up where I am at and chase that darn wagon down.

Now which of the statements do you want to be?

·         I work out because I have been eating so badly
·         I eat healthy because I work out.

I hope you picked the second one!  See what you can do this week to make that statement represent you.

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