Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monthly Measurement–The Secret to Success

First before we start answer these questions:

  • If you gained 1.6 pounds from 4 weeks ago what would you say about the last 4 weeks?
  • How would it make you feel?

Today at next level was measurement day.  So there I stood with Lu-Lu both of nervous as hell.  It took me back to the MVBW days of weigh in night!

Someone walked up and was shocked at how nervous we were.  Yep, we are nervous just like everyone else.  Here is the deal after we walked away from the scale and the measuring tape someone said “so how much are you down now?”  People assume we are going to lose, lose, lose.  We don’t always lose weight, in fact I gained 1.6 pounds.

I am not an expert of losing weight, I am an expert at sticking with it.  I am battling thru the bumps in the road because in the end I will reach my destination.

Like everyone I have my vices….Chocolate (no matter what time of the month kills me), today I ate a cider donut before I even realized I did it.

Like everyone else I have my bad weeks.   I don’t throw in the towel, I take a deep breath, email my support team and get back on the wagon right then and there. I don’t wait a day or two.  I salvage what I can.

Like everyone else I have expectations, but I also have special glasses that let me see reality.  Its not realistic for me to expect amazing numbers when I was not really a good girl this month.  I know that, I accept that and so when Bri was done with my measurements I moved onto my workout.

So how do I feel about my gain, it sucks but not the end of the world.  I also know I have done a lot in these 4 weeks, my 10K run, my KB weight, My burpees.  I have certainly improved in those areas – areas that a scale can not measure.   I also lost 2.75 inches mostly from my waist and thankfully .25 from my fat ass arms (yes I hate them I always have, always will – unless I win the lotto and can get plastic surgery). 

Sorry about that arm vent, the fact is I can not say the last 4 weeks were a failure because I saw changes that I really liked.  I am going to continue to push forward.  Because the secret  to success has always been moving forward and staying with it!

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